Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yes, Man!

This past year was filled with me facing my past ghosts; ones i feared hated me, loathed me or worse had forgotten me. But i put up a strong face and i met them, each one of them. Still, i have not become the person i would want to be. I still get awed by people and their coolness and i end up doing the wrong kind of things. Like that lead actress in good fellas.  I wish i had a friend like me, who'd give me some sane, rational advice. Perhaps a future me? Because honestly on the account of not listening to any gibberish advice from people my age i have completely stopped opening my little big yap of a mouth. Is that bad? Is that normal? Is it ok?

Also, on the occasion of listening to people talking about how i am so judgmental i have decided to conquer those feelings and lay in bed and hangout with not so cool people. And Say Yes!

So here i am, saying yes. Yes to life, to people, to new endeavors, to new sweet memories!

Also it's zoya's birthday on Monday. I wish i could do alot. I really do.

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