Sunday, June 14, 2015

23 and Free


My name is Aleena, and i am Twenty-Three
I like to think i have no boundries and i am free

But that's a lie i tell myself, to retain my sanity
So that there's a bit of clarity

I want to have fun for as long as i can
Because time is running by and i'm getting a tan

I like to expand my cognitive mind to it's maximum potential, son
And i know it's easier said than done

Although i love making chai for me
Soon there will be a plus one and three

Although that scares me,
But i hope it's when i'm not twenty-three yet still free

I hope i get to live and follow my passion,
And not get forced to pick the latest fashion

I hope my kids don't have to put up with things i had to
I'm gonna make sure, i'm the best mother who puts them bed to

But who knows, i just might end up with a crazy career in writing
But for that i'm going to need a lot of strenght to continue fighting

For now, if i do give up and flee
Just remember i was once twenty-three
Thinking that i was free


I run-What's your superpower