Monday, September 23, 2013

Hola Back?

Hello fellow bloggers,

Some of you might be thinking that i might have stopped posting/blogging. 'Tis not so. You see, i changed my URL a long time ago because of this ugly typo i made. *shudders*. And since i have been posting, it is annoying not to get any comments on whatever that i post/write about. So, here's a leeeetle request from moi. Imma change my URL to and that way you can unfollow me and then follow me. 

Much Love,

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Cry

And i cry because it hurts that much.
And i cry because i feel so dead.
And i cry because maybe i'm late to my own funeral.
And i cry because my God wont respond to me.
And i cry because there's no fire in my belly anymore.
And i cry because there is despair, depression and no hope around me.
And i cry. . .

And i cry because there's no love around me
And i cry because no matter what you're never right. Never.
And i cry because i'm a nobody.
And i cry because maybe they were right.
And i cry because the passion's gone.
And i cry because life's too fucking short.
And i cry. . .

Sunday, September 8, 2013

There's something.

I don't remember the last time i was soo... lost? Yeap, lost.

I think sometimes the only normal thing that i ever end up doing is going to school. But i have a crazy brain, i need a lot on my plate to keep myself busy. A full load of work, for me to function normally. Most of the times i just want to lie in my bed, and calm down and rest and just not think about shit. But i don't. Probably because i wasn't built this way. Or as Ms Lady GaGa Put it i wasn't "Born This Way.

They tell me you think too much, i probably do. But too much thinking can be hazardous. But ive learnt so many lessons. I have. How do you trust someone all over again? How do you do that? How does one do that?

How does one respond to "How are things with you?" HOW?

That numb feeling is still there. Can't get rid of it. Can't. How does one do that, even? I want to go off in a sleeping mode and when i wake up i just want things to be normal. Please, God? Please? just once.