Monday, October 6, 2014

The 9-5 Life

That moment when life happens. [Sorry, i just like saying writing random shiz]
Every time that I come to blog here is never how i really imagine it to be when im not blogging.

Life is not what it used to be. Every person who probably works 9-5 may relate to the following:

1) You dont have a life

2) You have forgotten what your friends look like

3) Your 9-5 job is never really a 9-5 job

4) Your family thinks you don't really work

5) [If you're a girl] Things you get to hear when you reach home after a killer day at work

"Chalo you've had all your enjoyment for the day, ab ghar kay bhee kuch kaam karlo"

6) By the time you get home, and reply to friends who have been texting you all day, you send a mass text to everyone saying, "yeah sure, lets go to this [insert name of a place recently opened up] soon, miss you, blah blah" which never happens

7) The Jane Fonda fitness routine you always wanted to follow through... never happens

8) All the books you bought at Sunday Bazaar, lie on a shelf with a thick coat of dust over 'em

9) All the movies you downloaded remain unwatched until you find an hour to just watch ANYTHING, SOMETHING? The Movie Marathon you wished you had with your only bfff who lives super close, never ends up happening :(

10) You miss being a kid :'(

11) You wish you were paid more

12) You wish you could clone yourself to be at two places at once

12) You wish for a better phone, an even better laptop and/or an even better tablet or just better poop!

13) You just keep wishing.