Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I don't know why people categorize people the way they do. I mean, just because you have something to do with the Tv or Film industry does not mean that you are fake or plastic or a liar!And it does not mean that it's a requirement either! Ppl get seuuuuhh competitive -__- And just becasue somebody's a lawyer does not AT ALL mean that they'll sell their own souls or will have a cutthroat attitude as long as you're paying them! I happen to know some kickass humane lawyers  and some in the making, so suck it! And just because someone's a doctor does not mean they they're cold and it doesn't affect them when people die right infront of them! I mean, how would you know?!?! Massive stereotyoping.. tsk tsk you guys.. should be ashamed of yoursleves!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

the Perks of being a Wallflower

There is nothing more motivating then a little insipiration from your Screenwriting teacher. Goddd she's a workaholic! and i can learn soooo much from her. But it's just that my job and uhh assignments and umm "friend" isues that need to be dealt with the same week that i have my workload. Of course i give my work and assignments preferrance over..well.. everything. 

My routine kiinda sucks. But it's okay. I get asked out, on a moderate level and i refuse on a moderate level. Not because i'm unhappy, judegemental and moody but it's honestly too hard. 

I can't believe im the same chick that my teachers always put 'on-trial' for. Of course, i don't blame them for my amazingly low self esteem. (i totally do) I mean it wasn't there job, right??-.-

Being a teacher i have realized sooo many things. 

1) Male teachers are only hot in movies.

2) The accounts department is biased.

3) There's so little that i have to do to boast the kids' enthusiasm, i mean sure-those little ajeebsters get on my nerves and from time to time i yell like a yeti. But i do make sure that they leave my class on a good note and i always ALWAYS give them a reason why i reprimanded them.

4) Teachers really take this whole coming-to-school-dressed-like-a-queen thAng seriously.

5) I think i might die alone.

Phew. Thats a load off. (temporarily atleast)

Maybe it's weird that i don't have time for my buddies anymore and i'd rather spend my time watching movies/shows and read books/newspapers/blogs rather than hanging out with actual people. But there's something i have realized- it's more important to know thyself than waste your time on person whom you might dislike at alot of levels in the future.

Confession: I read romantic novels and rom-com movies to feel good. I do.

Here's a great movie you can watch. It made no sense to anyone i know. But if you're into good songs, indie movies and you managed to survive "the tree of life" Then this is for ye!

Enjoy, toodles! (:

Sunday, March 3, 2013


I honestly do not know how to react to these shennanigans that happen every week. It's sad, and depressing. It's hopeless. I can't do anything about it-that's what really sucks. While growing up, i was told that bad/sad/helpless situations only lasted a while and then they'd go away. But it seems like, they are here to stay. I still feel better knowing that atleast i do remember a childhood with no mass killings, bloodshed and bomblasts. But what about this new generation, what about the way their minds and souls are getting f*d up due to all this. What kind of seriously twisted kids will they grow up to be?

-They don't get to study properly anymore.
-There's something morbid happening every week.
-It's becoming quite mundane actually
-We are all too involved in our own sad worlds to help anyone. 

My Humanities teacher told us to come up with an assignment that represents Karachi. This is what i came up with.
Obviously i was pissed when i did this. I described Karachi as the fire on the flag.

I'll still be hopeful though. For this nation, for these people and for so much more. I will not give up. But i wont lie to myself. This is how it is and it will change.