Saturday, November 22, 2014


I quit today, this is how i am spending my entire weekend :D


Monday, November 10, 2014

Maybe, just maybe.

Is it wrong to not hate Satan?
Do we HAVE to hate?
Can't we just be accepting?
Maybe Satan was a fat girl with major self esteem issues in middle school?
Maybe Satan was the skinny boy who got picked on by the bullies?
Maybe Satan had a stutter
Maybe.. maybe Satan lost someone and never learnt how to deal with it in a healthy way?
Maybe Satan was a writer, or actor, or director who never got a break
Maybe Satan was the baby in the trash can
Maybe Satan was the geek everyone hated
Maybe just maybe he wanted to have friends, friends who liked him...
Do we HAVE to hate?
Why not give him acceptance, love and kindness?

Does it make you understand Satan a wee bit? Does it not make you understand people a wee bit? 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

11 Things you face if you're a female film student in Pakistan

  1. You NEVER have enough money to make your perfect film
  2. If you are a girl, your priorities mean that you must master how to make a chappati first and then maybe how to work that light metre
  3. You friends (who are also film-makers) will try and pull a Terrance Mallick.  Yup it's a thing [There's always that guy in class coming up with surrealistic shit]
  4. People never expect you to write dark shit about..well...dark shit
  5. Your male teachers will always be cynical to your ideas/appearance/existence/everything
  6. You have restrictions and if you don't then you never have the right equipment
  7. People try to motivate you by saying "Just start small. Do anything. Look at me, i started from nothing and look where i am" a little FYI. Starting from a 5D Mark III is not small. So eff off.
  8. If you are the best writer in your class, you can expect your friends to ask you to write even their names on the answer sheet. It's a thing. People just unload stuff on you. It's annoying.
  9. If people see you lift heavy equipment, like 250 W lights/Light stands/Set planks/Anything they will pass remarks like you're strong for a girl, what do you eat yaar, ammi nay aj parathay banaye thay? Are you seeing someone?. The last one is always thrown off no matter what the situation
  10. You're always asked to act as everyone in your friends' films. Mother, Daughter, Heroine, Vamp, Teacher, Doctor, Psycho. And oh, people expect you to be a great actor. They just do. They don't care about you being camera-shy.
  11. Last but not the least because you cry together..laugh together. You make friends. You make enemies. You make frenemies. You make best frenemies. It happens. It's a thing.

P.S If it sounds sexist or if you don't agree with me. Just know..that i dont give a shit. :)