Monday, April 8, 2013


It's Eesa's Birthday tomorrow, i have decided to get him pink cupcakes-because they're his favorite. Eesa has become one of the closest thing that i have to a friend in the past couple of months. We HAVE to spend time together every morning for half an hour at least until his mother finally decides to drop him at his day care. :)

Eesa and i watch Disney Clubhouse everyday. He loves Mickey Mouse for reasons known to him and his 3 year old mind only. What's fascinating about Eesa, is his  enthusiasm, quirkiness and cuteness.

Eesa makes me want to be young again. he makes me want to be a child and have fun again. I like how the only thing that he is concerned about is coloring, painting or even pasting. I want to be that, feel that, be irresponsible, crazy and funky like i used to be.

But it's all just so, assdlwmlkkdpl now. Argh. #sadness