Saturday, February 9, 2013

'About Me'- Screenwriting Class

I can bet that people in my family always thought that I probably be the person who just might have a future in making comical bumper stickers. And I would not have blamed them, I consider myself to be the laziest person on this planet however from time to time I do find people who beat me and leave me awestruck (Institute kids) but I really do believe with the hot and cold moods that I have that I am the kind of person who would attend her own wedding wearing a hooded jacket and aviators because simply i was not in the mood.

But that is just one side of me, along with my other million flaws, I am irrational and impulsive and from time to time, my witty remarks can be cutting and most of the time I don’t make sense (thass me). I make a miserable bucket list of sorts every birthday of mine, with a best friend that keeps changing with every season. People at work expect me to socialize and I expect them to work.Either I got the wrong rule book as a kid, or they did. I have been earning since I was 16 and I have known and become accustomed to one and only fact that people always leave and life goes on. I have always strived to be normal throughout my life, but it became hard, as I have moved I think 4 or 5 times and in different parts of the city, never getting time to adjust anywhere and always ready to leave, it makes you a recluse and or you become one by choice but one thing and one thing that always remained there was my dream; filmmaking!

I knew I always wanted to do filmmaking; I have a plan for it, which I keep improvising from time to time. However what genre and what sort is something that always gets me in a fix. But I do have a plan and that is more than enough for me, for now.

Also, I am an extremely superstitious person and I believe in karma more than I believe in Chuck Norris. It would be an understatement for me to say that I am a pessimist person, in my case the glass is not JUST half empty. It is dark, barren, abandoned and even if you pour any solvent into it, it would seep through the ½ inch opening in the center. 

Recently an amazingly dumb person branded me as, (after I showed a probably disturbing image in class), “ being heavily influenced by the media” I really wanted to yell and have a heated up argument with her, one which I knew I would have won. But it wasn’t worth it and I felt too lazy to say anything. After all I am, and whatever that happens in this city does affect me, so I’m sorry that I know people who get their cell phones snatched on a daily basis or that I know IBA graduates who have been sitting at home jobless for years because they don't have credible references or that i knowcountless women while doing community service, who have been deprived of their rights. So, yes i am, i am a person who is extremely influenced by the media, if that is how people categorize it now.. And it is not like i don't want to, but I do want to do something for this hopeless country but please let’s not blind ourselves with lies. Please?

But obviously life is not all that miserable and there are moments when I do consider myself lucky, like when my 7 year old students fight about stuff like Water Dragons and if Dubai is a planet and make my day or when my 10 year old twin brothers do the unimaginable like, drawing a moustache on my face when I have had important meetings to attend. And i am grateful to God, that i have a well paying job however being a 21 year old from time to time I do feel frustrated and lazy and do not feel putting up with my dream of filmmaking, but then I remind myself that, me, doing filmmaking is a tribute to my deceased father, the man who taught me how to fix a VCR when I was 9, and who Russell Crowe was when I was 10. So here I am trying to live by what Steve Jobs once said, “Stay Hungry, and Stay Foolish!”  So yeah, My name is Aleena Mashhood, and i am a 21 year old, lazy, impulsive, sarcastic, lost, crazy, and ambitious filmmaker in the making..

Aleena M.