Saturday, October 3, 2015


They can have a profoundddd affect on you. When I was 7, my father told me that words can either break you or make you… that words can end or start a beautiful relationship. That words big or small carried their own energy, so think before you speak…or don’t speak at all.

He passed away a couple of years later, and it’s today that I realize, he could not have been more correct. Your words come and haunt you…especially the bitter ones, they feel like a nasty whiplash on your bare back. And the sweet ones feel like fresh honey drops and that’s the difference. Today the latter happened, and it could not have been sweeter.

My dear father may have passed but his words stay with me; words that he penned and the ones that he didn’t. Words that he lectured with and the words that he advised with.


I love you, abbu. But this year, I miss you more than your words.