Monday, May 13, 2013

Because i had to

Dear Altaf Bhai,

You are the best, you are. Unlike the other idiots. I am not going to be ungrateful and not give you credit for what you have done for us. I moved, where i am 4 years ago and life could not have been so..better?  I mean i live amidst the MQM sector. Where there's this life size portrait of yours hanging on every gali-a reminder that you're watching us. (Aww) I asked the dukaan wala(also a MQM supporter) if i could have mine hung there. He stared at me for the longest time.

Anyway i love how i pay for an invisible barrier that does not exist. I love how you like playing with our psyche like that *winkwink* I feel safe. And i know for a fact that if i dont, then, well.. my Liana has already lost wayy too much. And i honestly do not want her to suffer any more. Our car has been serviced 3-4 times thanks to you. Maybe the rear view mirrors were stolen (by namaloom afraad) as a reminder to get it serviced? it was a hefty price. But thank you really. What would we do without you?

The highlight of the last year however was when we were robbed. Apparently the robbers told us, they had no say in this matter and there were "baray loag" involved.  It is hard not to agree with four men holding a gun to your mom's forehead but you know what? It made me stronger. I mean sure, my 12 year old brothers were shit scared for the longest time. But mann, us wusses, we needed it. I mean your beautiful goons did ask us to take our clothes off if we didn't adhere to their wishes. And last night i saw your rally leave my area going off to teen talwar. And all i could do, was pray and be steadfast.  So, thank you for everything. You are a constant reminder of how i am so powerless.

much love,
Me (:

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