Friday, May 8, 2015

Cluless recluse

Yes, it's been 6 months. Yes, we haven't been talking. But the part that really makes me L.O.L is when I end giving pretentious advice to newbie heartbreaks. But you know what has really happened due to this whole, "not being in a thing that makes no sense and is a nonsense thing?" is that i feel like i see life slightly clearer now. I pay attention to myself. That constant headache that i'm hiding something is gone, or that guilt that i was constantly made to feel everyday about 'not caring enough' isn't there. After all, I am 23. I change on a daily basis. There are new interpretations, new lessons learned everyday for me. I am as clueless as one can be. I am easily fascinated by the little things in life and yes i've had really weird phases...phases of crying all the time, to trusting weird people, being paranoid and just being in plain fits of laughter.

I feel like now i have the time to do shit, I actually like/enjoy, for example, annoying people. oogling at strangers, mimicking kids and similar stuff, y'know?

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