Sunday, December 28, 2014


She looks up at him with red puffy eyes, wearing his bathroom slippers she takes a drag off her last cigarette. He just stares at her, what a spectacle she had become...she was taking multiple drags off of the last stick of candle that was left on the dining room table. But he had to act along. If she wanted this candle to be a cigarette, then so be it. Pretence was a new world to him, and he was just getting the hang of it. There had been no electricity since 3 days which felt like forever.

They had been fighting earlier. He had been chasing after her. She was sick, but how could he leave her...or could he? He tried to shake off these uncertain feelings, he definitely loved her. He just wasn't sure if she loved him back. In all this delusional world of hers, what if she...forgets him or had she already?

She never used to smoke in the first place, but like all random things she ever did, she wished to take off a puff from an old candle lying down. There she was chewing on to the end of the candle, like it was a cigarette.

Don't I look french, love?, she says with those sparkling eyes while clutching her bathrobe with her right hand. She had become kind of nervous all the time, twitching and squeezing stuff, digging nails on her waist at times... this was the new her. 

He heaves a deep sigh and sits across from her, no matter what she did or would turn into, she would always be beautiful and pretty to him..

He thought back to the time, when it all had started....and how it started..would things be different if he had..

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