Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lights will guide you home...

I've been wanting to write forever now but i guess i had no 'real' motive to. You know.. that.. kind that emotional kind of motive.. one that suddenly pours your heart and soul of sudden strange feelings and you know that you just need to get those out.

I don't know..i mean one minute i'll feel like a frog and the next i'll be this porcupine with those sharp thingies pointing at you. But i guess that's everyone at my age (just an assumption). My school's starting from the 5th now, and two months ago i clearly remember signing a slip that said "Dear all, yaddi yaddi yada... therefore school will re-open on the 12th of August" I mean i had plans of 'nothing to do' in the now not so blessed future two weeks ahead of me. Sigh, screw you school authorities. I am in no mood to teach or more so deal with the impending drama awaiting my arrival.

Right now, i have a bad case of sniffles and a sore throat... which is good and bad.  Good; because i dont have to bother talking to ppl about irrelevant things and bad because most friends of mine have forgotten what i sound like. :( #TheLife

But over all Summer wasn't so bad, i made a friend recently who literally forced me out of the house everyday..and you know how parents get when things like that happen, "kaun hai? kaisi hai? kya karti hai woh?" I mean dude? Had hoti hai -_- But i guess it's their job or whatever.

It's that time of the summer, when people are leaving. My best of friends did not come this summer, which was slightly heartbreaking; more for them i'm guessing cuz they have their whole families here. In other news my film school might not be continuing, i mean that's a first- at least for me. While life goes on.. i cant help but think about all the money that i put in to it.

Im reading a Danielle Steel novel right now, called "Now and Forever"'s about a husband and wife who face first world problems and don't know how to deal with it -_- I mean "yawr like kaisay kartay how aap yawr" Still, a good read and obviously better than Twilight!

My sister's getting married in October, same time i'll turn 22. Maynn i don't feel so old :/ (I hope to stop sneezing, seriously). Can't wait for Ramazan to end, it's making me incredibly weak and my fat pay check.

..Colplay's making so much sense right about now.. dayum

more later!

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