Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I don't know why people categorize people the way they do. I mean, just because you have something to do with the Tv or Film industry does not mean that you are fake or plastic or a liar!And it does not mean that it's a requirement either! Ppl get seuuuuhh competitive -__- And just becasue somebody's a lawyer does not AT ALL mean that they'll sell their own souls or will have a cutthroat attitude as long as you're paying them! I happen to know some kickass humane lawyers  and some in the making, so suck it! And just because someone's a doctor does not mean they they're cold and it doesn't affect them when people die right infront of them! I mean, how would you know?!?! Massive stereotyoping.. tsk tsk you guys.. should be ashamed of yoursleves!

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