Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I decided to get rid of the bullshit and start anew. From page 1-a new beginning. I wont go in to the mere yaadi yaadi yaadas of the history of this blog. But it was special. Well atleast to me.

And a lot has happened since 2010 when i last started it. Well for starters, my university dilemma is solved. Life is not as bitter as it was. And the three jobs that i had, have been gladly left by me.And i try to live by YOLO theory now. Not that i did not live like that before-only then i did not give-uh how do i say this? A 'rat's sweet ass?

And i have decided to get rid of the annoymity as well. There's no use keeping my identity obscure, if people still fail to understand where i come from.And it's true. Ppl just dont bloody get it. So here i am, writing. Again.


Speak now or forever hold your peace.